IELTS speaking topic : TV テレビ について
今日は IELTS television / media についてです

テレビはイギリス国民にとって日常生活から切っても切りはなせない、ガス、水道、なんかと同じくらい大事なエンターテイメントを通り越した必需品となっています。日本人とイギリス人、どっちがテレビっこか、というと返答に困るくらいどっちもです、この前タケシの番組(風雲たけし城 TAKESHI castle)もこっちでやっていたみたいでとってもうけていました。でも、うちにはテレビはありません(きっぱり)。理由は、いろいろありますが時間の無駄だからです、実はテレビッ子なので一度スイッチオンにしたやいなや寝る時間になるまで消せない、ので荒療治といってもいいかもしれません。テレビをみていると英語がうまくなる、と信じている友人もいますが、ある程度までの話でそれ以上は多分あんまり変わらないと思います。テレビに向かって話しているとしても会話にはならないですね、、、。ニュースやエンターテインメントはインターネットからでなんの不自由もありません。で、テレビについて少し力説できるでしょうか、、、

Tell me about the problems TV creates?
Write an article analysing the effects of TV advertisement.
TV destroys our life, how do you agree?
News editors decide what to broadcast on TV, what factors do you think influence these decisions?
The media plays a valuable role keeping us informed and entertained. however it may has too much power and too much freedom, discuss your views. etc

[TV disadvantage]

exaggeration, superlative, stretched, magnefied, cheat, trick, manipulative

too much fictional brutality and violence can desensitise us to real life horror

it is not good for families to spend the whole evenings glued to the box without communication between the family members

TV can be harmful fo children especially during the first 2 years of life as it affects their sights / associated with slower development / Each hour in front of the TV increased a child's chances of attention deficit disorder by 10%, their research in the Pediatrics journal showed

create inability to concentrate at schools for children

Parents are worried about some 'not a good role model (unsuitable)' affect children's behaviour, most TV programmes seem to be littered with words you would not want to hear in houses

Excessive time (10 hours/day) in front of the television has been shown to contribute towards bad eating habits, such as eating foods high in saturated fats and increased caloric consumption, so bad for your health

TV doesn't stimulate visualization and curiosity like reading. books and radio make you lively. Makes you think. Makes you imagine. Makes you debate with your fellow human beings. TV makes you numb. Makes you accept most things without raising curiosity about why/how. you read at your own pace, but TV just leads you (passive).

[TV advantage]

cheap and convenient form of entertainment for old (lonely elderly)/ ill /housebound people, friendly face in the house

it can be an ideal way to relax

variety; documentary, soap opera, quiz show, sit com (situation comedy), drama, game show, variety show, chat show...

TV can provide information (informative), and can be a good source of conversation / children aged two to five may benefit from good-quality educational TV, the effect is enhanced when programmes are watched and discussed with an adult

TV can help popularise some minority such as snooker

TV has played a crucial role in disaster relief by fund raising, which would have been inadequate without the heart-rending picrtures if the disastered areas

there are some very good programs on television for children, and that watching them may have contributed to the rise in IQs seen in the last several decades. however, that parents must be judicious in choosing which programs their children may watch.


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